A French and responsible craft

France, a land of know-how

Handicrafts is a sector as exciting as it is crucial and historically inscribed on our territory. Indeed, its traditional practice is part of the history of France and its know-how is transmitted from generation to generation.

However, industrial production has put a violent brake on the development and sustainability of these crafts. Accustomed to mass consumption at lower cost, craftsmanship has gradually declined in France, giving way to an often productivist approach, driven by increasing relocation.

In recent years, however, a general awareness has allowed a return to the value of handiwork and know-how. French creation is regaining its vitality and dynamism. A new category of informed buyers, called consom'acteurs, is developing. Conscious of the current environmental and ethical issues, these new behaviors are characterized by thoughtful and informed purchases. The act of buying is thus seen as an act that conveys meaning and values. ERRO identifies with this more responsible behavior and wishes to participate by offering total transparency and a reasoned philosophy.

Neo-craftsmanship: the rebirth of our know-how

In addition, the return to manual and artisanal production has various advantages, including the total understanding of the material and the revaluation of the resources offered by nature. Only a craftsman in contact with the material realizes its beauty and its own characteristics. A positive and virtuous dynamic of respect for natural resources is then set in motion - resources that are all the more precious because they are finite.

However, the return to these fundamentals is part of a modern and contemporary approach. Technology, as long as it is part of a virtuous and respectful approach, can have many advantages: optimization of the material, simplification of tasks that are humanly difficult and not very rewarding... A new vision of craftsmanship is then created, at the meeting point between modernism and tradition. We call it neo-craft.

Neo-craftsmanship allows the creation of custom-made pieces, the work of small quantities, and the design of original pieces with meticulous manufacturing operations that only manual work can guarantee. Without this approach, ERRO pieces could not be manufactured, because they are too complex and time-consuming for industrial production lines. As saddlers and leatherworkers for several generations, we draw this vision of craftsmanship from our heritage, where handwork takes precedence in order to ensure the robustness and quality of the saddles. The rider's performance and the animal's well-being are thus improved.

French manufacturing, a return to authentic values

Through local consumption, it is a return to authentic and meaningful values that we advocate: the desire to get out of an omnipresent consumerism, the desire to support our craftsmen and the excellence of manual work, the desire to offer quality pieces with mastered finishes created from noble materials, the desire to offer a transparent product guaranteeing the respect of human rights. An ERRO piece is not only a responsible piece. It is also an ethical and transparent piece, promising to generate local employment and a renewal of regional and national dynamism.

A more human contact, built around common values

Handicraft is also a story of encounters and links. Local and transparent manufacturing has the advantage of re-establishing contact between the customer and the craftsman. Through the creation of ERRO, we wish to re-infuse this dimension into the act of purchasing. An ERRO customer is not only buying a piece of fine leather goods, he is joining a large family of people linked by the love of beautiful pieces and driven by common, raw and authentic values.


I was looking for a timeless bag for the summer and I found my happiness at ERRO with the Laina bucket bag. I was immediately challenged by the material both flexible but all in holding, the bag keeps its shape in all circumstances. Its size is ideal to be able to wear it in daytime as well as in evening and I finished to be convinced by the values of the brand and the know-how made in France


My backpack is simply beautiful! Everything is there: the shape, the sober and elegant side, the leather of an incredible quality with perfect finishes. I love the color (I took it in Cedar color). Its size is ideal and accepts laptop and notebooks

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