French saddlery and leather goods manufacturer

Saddlery know-how has been part of our heritage and family history for over forty years. We wanted to pay tribute to it in the design and manufacture of our pieces.

the look of the


The saddler is constantly looking for the perfect balance between comfort, resistance and beauty. For this he has a particular look at the relationship between the object and the body.

Obsessed by the notion of comfort, he works the object so that it comes to marry the forms of the horse and its rider. It is this eye for curves that we have come to apply to ERRO. To be a saddler is also to be aware of the dynamics that operate with the object, so that it facilitates the movement, rather than constraining it. Discover our convictions.

The saddler does not forget the importance of aesthetics. Although technical, the saddler creates elegant pieces, in the image of the equestrian discipline. It is this sense of detail that we wish to infuse in our ERRO creations.


The saddle nail

The bridge

Saddlery codes are part of the ERRO heritage. Whether they are aesthetic, such as our stitching, or technical, such as the saddle nail, the trigger guard or the harness buckles, we were keen to infuse them into our creations.

French saddlery and leather goods manufacturer

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