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Transparent Handmade Leather Goods

To be transparent is to assume each of its choices and each aspect of its making, not to be afraid to share the backstage.

For the leather sector, we work with companies that have been awarded the Leather Working Group (LWG) label. We are thus committed to optimal traceability of our materials. This traceability is done, in particular, by the choice of certified or labeled materials that allow us to know their origins and ensure that the best environmental practices of transformation are taken into account.

Currently, 60% of our leathers are LWG GOLD and 40% are LWG Standard. By 2025, we are committed to having 100% of our leather from LWG Gold certified tanneries.

Perfectionists, we seek traceabilitý even in our packaging. For this, we use PEFC certified cardboard from a local company located in Bilbao. The drums are manufactured in France by the company ABZAC, Gold Medalist "ECOVADIS" in 2021, which favors wood and cardboard supplies made from recycled materials or from sustainably managed sources. For the rest of our packaging, we make our own pouches from upcycled fabrics and leather scraps. We have also chosen not to offer any additional bags for in-store purchases in order not to multiply packaging.

Handcrafted leather goods


Not only are all our pieces made in our artisanal leather workshop in the Basque Country. But we also make a point of sourcing our materials from border partners. We work with the Mastrotto tanneries in Italy. A company with the LWG Gold label. But also Miret y Cia in Spain, tannery specialized in vegetable tanning from natural and organic products.

For our linings, we chose linen, a material that is antibacterial, biodegradable and resistant. We use 100% French linen from Emanuel Lang. Created in 1856 and labeled Alsace Terre Textile, Emanuel Lang is a forerunner in the relocation of linen production in France.
For our metal parts, we collaborate with the family business Mettetal Creation, with whom we have designed our signature buckles.

After their conception in France, our buckles are manufactured by Mettetal in their factory in the north of Hong Kong. Mettetal respects all European and French environmental regulations. In particular the REACH regulation.

We have begun sourcing in order to be able to have a 100% made in Europe loop by 2025.

We are currently working with the eco-innovation agency Think+ on a criterion that will allow you to choose your products by knowing their sustainability and their impact on the environment.


Saddlers For more than forty years, we have been creating durable parts that are made to last a lifetime and can be easily repaired when needed. We tailor our design with this in mind. That's why we use as few metal parts (zippers, magnets) as possible. Indeed, they are often the ones that evolve the least over time.

In addition, we are committed to offering a lifetime repair service for our bags, so that they can accompany you on all your adventures. We are also working with the Think+ agency to develop measurement tools to know the impact of our pieces on the environment and provide you with a reliable and transparent index.

Finally, a bag that lasts is a bag that is well maintained. So here is a little guide to caring for your ERRO bag.


handcrafted leather goods

Our commitment extends beyond the design and manufacture of our products. Today, we are committed to minimizing our impact, especially on our global operations. To do so, our workshops are supplied with 100% renewable energy and have solar panels. Moreover, we do not throw away any leather but recycle all our leather scraps by sending them to a local association which transforms them into insulating panels.

Minimizing our impact also means committing to not destroy or throw away any defective, unsold or prototype bags.

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