Leather craftsman Basque country



Our Vision

Saddlery and leather goods makers for several generations, we design and manufacture high quality leather goods, as companions of life thought for the daily life. Durable pieces, made locally by those who have imagined them. In our workshop in the Basque Country, we write every day the outlines of a new human and benevolent model based on living well and sharing.

With audacity, we have set ourselves the mission of linking Beauty to Ethics by applying a rigorous environmental approach. ERRO thus combines its know-how with fundamental values, with the desire to redefine the contours of authentic luxury.


As a family of saddlers and leatherworkers for several generations, we wanted to pay tribute to this rich family heritage.

Our story begins in the 1970's in the Basque Country where we grew up, surrounded by nature and the smell of leather from the saddlery workshop of our father and uncle, Jean-Michel Devoucoux.
Already at a very young age, we grow up in a world where the work of the hand combined with the ingenuity of the beautiful design is paramount.

Influenced by the world of saddlery in which we are immersed, we develop a love for the material and the in-depth study of product development in order to design pieces that are both beautiful, resistant and comfortable.

Leather craftsman Basque country

In 2018, Mathieu and Damien opened their saddlery and leather goods workshop.

Very quickly joined by our father Jean-Michel and our sister Noémie, the workshop grew quickly.

A new family chapter begins.

We then felt the need to develop a project that resembled us and that would share the strong values that animate us. Values of benevolence, authenticity and audacity. That's when Benoît, our cousin, joined us. The five of us form a close-knit and complementary team.

The rest is yet to be written, but one thing is for sure, this is a story we are writing together.

Our saddlery know-how

Saddlery and leather goods manufacturers for several generations, ERRO is committed to perpetuating this precious heritage that has been passed down to us.

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