ERRO, the elegance of raw values 

A new vision of luxury

ERRO was born from the desire to rethink certain established concepts that we no longer find ourselves in and that we consider inadequate to the challenges of our time. Experts in the manufacture of leather goods for several generations, we wish to infuse our expertise as designers and craftsmen in a project that would propose a new vision of luxury. A vision with beautiful manufacturing and design at its heart; but also the revaluation of time and material for what it has of noble and rare. A more authentic luxury in short, far from the glitter and logos, which would highlight the excellence of the hand and the beauty of our local know-how through the incarnation of our craftsmen.

We grew up in the Basque Country in our father and uncle's saddlery workshop, between land and sea. It is this landscape, often raw and harsh, shaped by the force of nature, that reminds us of our humility and the beauty of simple and authentic things. We take no resource for granted and cherish the artisans who make up our teams. This is luxury according to ERRO: uncompromisingly crafted pieces that pay homage to our family heritage, but also to the raw beauty of our surrounding landscape.

Elegance according to ERRO

Our origins are a great source of inspiration in our creative process. Through our creations, it is a tribute to the earth that we convey. Our fine leather goods are evocative of a new elegance, raw and sensitive at the same time. An elegance inspired by the earth and the material, where the senses are awakened. The characteristic smell of our workshop, the reassuring touch of leather, the pleasant sight of details thought out and finished with meticulousness... Elegance is found in the beautiful objects of everyday life, those that accompany us through time and years, and that acquire a patina with us. These objects become so familiar that they become part of our history, part of who we are.

This is how ERRO pieces are conceived: as real stories. Each piece is the story of our know-how, but will also become, over time, the protagonist of your stories, of your life paths. We conceive our pieces as faithful, timeless and reassuring daily companions. Like landmarks to which we become attached because they reflect a part of what we value, of what we are.

Elegance according to ERRO is not only aesthetic, but also multiple, fundamentally linked to our Basque origins and to the values that nature and the land inspire us.

ERRO, spokesperson for a tribute to our roots

By making ourselves spokesmen of raw values, we like to imagine a return to a certain authenticity. Far from a backward-looking approach, we wish to infuse some of the sincerity of so many in our creations. Being authentic means respecting our origins and highlighting the people who still wear them every day. It is to pay homage to our heritage of craftsmen, saddlers and leatherworkers, in order to inscribe it to tomorrow. It is not to forget where we come from, and to become its spokesperson in order to revalorize the excellence of the work of the hand. We are leather artisans, passionate and demanding craftsmen. These elements are part of us and we are committed to carrying them proudly beyond our walls. We are the representatives of a precious local and artisanal heritage that we believe is essential to preserve and protect, today for tomorrow.


I was looking for a timeless bag for the summer and I found my happiness at ERRO with the Laina bucket bag. I was immediately challenged by the material both flexible but all in holding, the bag keeps its shape in all circumstances. Its size is ideal to be able to wear it in daytime as well as in evening and I finished to be convinced by the values of the brand and the know-how made in France


My backpack is simply beautiful! Everything is there: the shape, the sober and elegant side, the leather of an incredible quality with perfect finishes. I love the color (I took it in Cedar color). Its size is ideal and accepts laptop and notebooks

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