1st chapter ERRO : Origin

After several months of study and design, here is the first chapter of a book written with passion and family. It is with great pride that we present the first ERRO collection, ORIGIN.

A first chapter with know-how as a guideline

ERRO, a French leather goods company, was created with the desire to reconcile beauty and ethics, while revaluing the excellence of the know-how that the company has inherited. As saddlers and leatherworkers for several generations, we now wish to pass on this heritage through elegant and timeless pieces, designed with respect for traditional know-how. It took more than a year to create this collection, developed with the desire to rethink the way we produce and imagine leather goods.

Our passion for leatherwork comes from our family history. Having grown up in a family of saddlers, we wished to apply certain fundamental principles to the field of leather goods, in particular the joint search for pieces that are both elegant and comfortable. This human adventure has given birth to a project that combines modernity with the tradition of our saddlery and leatherwork expertise.

Our heritage for inspiration

This first chapter is impregnated with the Basque heritage, land of culture and traditions. The color palette is directly inspired by the landscapes surrounding our workshop, between sea and mountain. Laina, Sara, Errebi... it is surrounded by these hills with their characteristic lines that this first collection was born. We pay tribute to them today by naming our pieces after them.

Directly inspired by the world of saddlery, our leather bags and accessories feature the elegant curves of equestrian pieces, the excellence of the saddle stitch, the robustness of the assembly and the obsession with detail. In the equestrian field, each yoke of a saddle plays a role and has an importance. The saddle must fit both rider and horse so that both feel comfortable and free to move. Our saddlery heritage has taught us that a good saddle is a saddle that does not constrain. Thus, all our leather goods have been designed with balance and accuracy to adapt to the movements of its owner.

Trusted partners for responsible parts

In order to extend their life span and thus allow the transmission between generations, we have taken into account the durability and repairability of our bags from their conception.

We have selected vegetable tanned leathers that we have combined with cowhide to create bags that are both robust and elegant. The vegetable tanned leather, firm and thick, creates the structure of the bag. Full grain cowhide leather, both supple and strong, brings finesse to each of our pieces.

This harmony of colors and noble materials offers a functional, timeless and pure elegance so that each of our creations will last through time and generations. In order to preserve our leather goods and leather work, we also offer a lifetime repair service.

All our pieces are handcrafted in France in our workshop in Larressore, near Biarritz.

The materials we work with are sourced from our border partners and selected for their respect for the environment. Our grained leather comes from the Mastrotto tannery, located in Italy and LWG Gold certified. We also work with Miret y Cira, our Spanish partner specialized in vegetable tanning from natural and organic products.

For the linen, this antibacterial, biodegradable and resistant material, we called upon the French company Emmanuel Lang, labeled Alsace Terre Textile. By selecting these committed partners, we are committed to imagining pieces made with common sense, representative of the raw values that we wear every day, while honoring our heritage.


I was looking for a timeless bag for the summer and I found my happiness at ERRO with the Laina bucket bag. I was immediately challenged by the material both flexible but all in holding, the bag keeps its shape in all circumstances. Its size is ideal to be able to wear it in daytime as well as in evening and I finished to be convinced by the values of the brand and the know-how made in France


My backpack is simply beautiful! Everything is there: the shape, the sober and elegant side, the leather of an incredible quality with perfect finishes. I love the color (I took it in Cedar color). Its size is ideal and accepts laptop and notebooks

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